A Forest Hills Chiropractic Discovery: In Forest Hills N.Y. there are 9 Ways Sugar Can Kill ! (or otherwise ruin your life.)

Some of her patients think a Forest Hills chiropractic doctor has made an amazing discovery but actually the best and brightest chiropractors have known about this for some time.

Is sugar poison? Certainly excess sugar is.Your chiropractic doctor says,Consider this:

The average person in Forest Hills will each consume at least 150 pounds of sugar and sweeteners a year. That is not all that hard to do when you consider there is the equivalent of 17 teaspoons of sugar in a can of soda pop.

This kind of heavy sugar consumption can eventually destroy your immune and endocrine systems.

This leads to cavities and periodontal disease, as most everyone already knows. But did you know that it also leads to chronic conditions as well as some life threatening diseases.

Here are 9 possible fates awaiting the sugar addict, so claims  chiropractic  doctor, Christine Antoldi.

1. Alzheimer's Disease. Some scientists are starting to discover links between sugar consumption and Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden have evidence that if you have a raised blood sugar level then your chance of developing Alzheimer's disease is substantial.

2.Depression. There are several nutritional imbalances that can lead to depression. Sugar creates an imbalance because it supplies very little nutrition and uses up vitamin B which is a mood promoting vitamin.

3.Fatty Liver Disease. Rats fed a high sugar diet developed fatty livers.

4.Kidney Stones. Kidney stones are associated with a high sugar diet. Too much sugar produces calcium and magnesium ions which leads to kidney stones.

5.Cataracts. High levels of sugar in the bloodstream aid in cataract formation.

6.Cardiovascular Disease. Eating sugar makes you fat. Fat people get heart disease. Heart disease will kill you, guaranteed! Dr Antoldi, is especially concerned about this one.

7.Hemorrhoids. There is definitely a connection between hemorrhoids and sugar.
Too much sugar causes bleeding hemorrhoids.

8.Premature Aging. Eating large amounts of sugar will make you look older!
It causes a loss of elasticity in your body tissues, Your skin will sag.

9.Weak Immune System. Sugar will help make a weak system even worse. With sugar the insulin level is raised and this slows down the release of growth hormones which in turn depresses the immune system.

The relationship between sugar and the immune system is of great concern to doctor, Christine Antoldi.

The doctors at the Forest Hills Chiropractic & Wellness Center know how to help you lose that destructive sugar craving that could put you in an early grave. Call your Forest Hills chiropractic doctor, Christine Antoldi, today at 718 268-4464.