Queens Chiropractor, Dr. Christine Antoldi, Stops Whiplash Pain in Queens, N.Y.

"Queens Chiropractor Whiplash"

Whiplash in Queens

As your Queens chiropractor, I am happy to announce that one of my specialties is the relief of pain due to whiplash.

As the intelligent and informed consumer I know you are, you should make sure your chiropractor treatments are safe and natural and they allow you to return to work as soon as possible. Your chiropractor should take a holistic approach that keeps in mind all the factors that may have contributed to your current painful condition.

Whiplash is an old term that has been around since the early days of train, subway and car transportation, going back nearly one hundred years. It used to refer to injuries from accidents that occurred on early trains and subways and later on to injuries related to cars.

When a motor vehicle stops quickly at the moment of impact the head and neck are thrown backward as the body is thrown forward. Then, almost immediately, the head and neck are thrown forward. This violent motion may cause damage to both the soft tissue and bone structure.

This condition can sometimes respond rapidly to treatment and other times it can develop into a long term, chronic problem.

A typical whiplash situation can go something like this: Immediately after an auto accident you will experience swelling and pain in the neck, arms, and possibly the back of the head.

These are typical areas where you might first experience some symptoms. There may be trauma to other parts of the body but the most typical areas affected are the soft body parts like the arms and neck.

It's at this point in time when you should begin considering a consultation with a chiropractor.

I'm not saying you shouldn't consultant with a medical doctor, unfortunately most conventional medical schools set aside only a day or two for lectures regarding whiplash.

This is why it is important to see a chiropractor who specializes in whiplash…because it is a very complicated injury and requires very specialized treatment.

Here in Queens I’ve been treating whiplash for 15 years and over that time your chiropractor has learned some important lessons regarding whiplash.

Whiplash can, if not treated properly, can lead to long term pain and problems so don’t trust a whiplash injury to heal itself.

And definitely don’t allow children to pretend they aren’t bothered by a whiplash problem. You see, children will tend to complain less following an accident and thus they are often overlooked during an evaluation and treatment process just because they complain less.

Children who have whiplash injuries will often display sleep disorders, problems in school, nightmares and mood changes. These could be signs of a possible brain injury.

So remember me, Dr. Christine Antoldi, your Queens chiropractor, if you ever suspect you or your family is ever exposed to the hazards of whiplash.