A Forest Hills Chiropractor Discovers Why Your Child Is FAT!

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A Healthy Forest Hills Diet

Almost any Forest Hills chiropractor who practice in Queens, New York is trained to help overweight children through a broad range of solutions from diet to lifestyle adjustments.

If your child is overweight it's not the end of the world. But just because child obesity is an unhealthy condition it is essential that you help your child change her situation as soon as possible.

A chiropractor can help.

For children, obesity can be a dangerous condition. There are a number of diseases that can begin in childhood. Heart disease, high blood pressure, respiratory disease, asthma and even diabetes can have their start in childhood.

And of course if your child is fat she will often not be able to be as active as the other children which means she will probably be unhappy.

Why is your child fat? Your chiropractor can think of several reasons.

Sometimes fat parents have fat children. If you are fat that doesn't mean that your child has to be fat. Just by being aware of the possible connection you can help your child to escape your fate.

Diet, exercise and lifestyle can trump genetics. Almost always.

2.Soda Pop.

A bottle of liquid sweetness is usually around 125 calories of sugar. A couple of bottles a day is enough alone to make a child overweight.

Researches have calculated that for every extra soda pop a child consumes her obesity risk will increase at least 1.5 times. Which means there is a very strong relationship between a child's body weight and her soda pop consumption.

3.Packaged Food & Fast Food.

Fast food like hamburgers, French fries and nachos are high in fat and are also very high in calories with very few healthy ingredients. Now this is a problem because fast food advertising is at times heavily geared towards children.

And because of all the additional fat and sugar and salt fast food tends to taste pretty good and the price is right. So because it is quick, easy, tasty and cheap it can be the meal of choice for lunch or on the way home from school.

Some Fast Food killers (if you are looking for a heart attack or diabetes)

Nathan's Fish N Chips 1537 calories

Nathan's Chicken Tender Platter 1300 calories

Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket (6 piece) 1200 calories

White Castle Chocolate Shake 1230 calories

Jack In The Box Sirloin Bacon 'n' Cheese Burger 1120 calories

Arby's Meatball Toasted Sub 1000 calories

Wendy's Triple w/Everything and Cheese 980 calories

Nathan's Chicken Breast Platter 940 calories

Dairy Queen Large Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard: 1320

Nathan's French Fries (Super Size): 1188

McDonald's Deluxe Breakfast with biscuit :1150 calories.

Packaged/processed foods can be nearly as dangerous as the fast foods. There is usually excess sugar, salt and preservatives and fats added. Canned Food of any kind is not equal to fresh food.

Packaged foods your child would be smart in avoiding are:

Frozen Pizzas. (eat only if you are underweight and need a lot of calories)

Ready made dinners

Juice that has been canned or bottled

Potato chips (great for salt and sodium)

Cheese snacks (the dairy lobby says it's good for you...They Lie!)

      pocket sandwiches

Snack/energy bars

4.Little Physical Activity.

Your Forest Hills chiropractor says, "If your children spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer or T.V. then there is a good chance they will be fat".

Family activities like swimming, biking, walking or jogging should be be considered as a way of staying active. Sports activities should be encouraged.

Ever since we began practicing chiropractic we have thought about the problem of overweight children in Forest Hills.

If you think your child could benefit from a custom weight loss program developed by a  chiropractor then please contact us for your free, no obligation, consultation at: 718 268-4464