A Queens Chiropractor Gives the Best Reason to Eat Oatmeal

Queens chiropractor, Dr. Christine Antoldi has the ideal breakfast suggestion for her fellow Forest Hills residents. She says, believe it or not, oatmeal could very well be considered as the best way to start your day.

This is partly due to the energy boosting properties it contains, and that it has plenty of fiber to keep you full and satisfied for longer. According to recent studies in Europe, the oatmeal diet gives you far more than just energy. Especially the kind that you need to soak overnight to then cook for about 20 minutes the following day. The two to three minute quick oats just doesn't cut it with regards to reducing your cholesterol and blood pressure levels.


What the European Oatmeal Study Revealed


According to research, following an oatmeal diet may improve your blood pressure while reducing the need of medication to control high blood pressure. Studies were done on the effects of oatmeal on high blood pressure, and it was found that 73% of participants who consumed oatmeal on a daily basis for a duration of 12 weeks, were able to minimize if not eliminate their dependence on blood pressure medication.


It was said that, by consuming cereals that consist of high fiber properties such as oatmeal, people are able to increase their total soluble fiber intake thereby reaching their total required dietary fiber intake of 25 to 30mg per day. This is very good news in a world that is known for its sugary snacks, fast foods, and processed foods that does little to promote a healthy way of eating.


Amazingly, oatmeal harvested in Europe is known to be done under very favorable conditions. Especially in Ireland where the humid climate is said to slowly ripen the grain, enabling it to take in the goodness of the soil, yielding a fuller crop and producing plumper grains than anywhere else in the world. Oats like McCann's Irish Oatmeal is among the finest and healthiest oatmeal in the world.


How Oatmeal Lowers Your Blood Pressure Levels


The way oatmeal works is that it slowly breaks down in your stomach which in turn reduces your cholesterol levels while maintaining your blood sugar levels to help you fight against diabetes, obesity, colon cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. You can further enhance your experience with oatmeal by adding raspberries or blueberries as these delicious fruits act as powerful antioxidants to help improve your chances against suffering from heart disease, cancer and other ailments.


According to recent studies, your oatmeal diet lets you experience the following benefits:


l  LDL cholesterol will be reduced during weight loss


l  The consumption of wholegrain oatmeal reduces the risk of elevated blood pressure, weight gain, and Type 2 diabetes


l  Reduces the risk of hardening arteries often brought on by cholesterol particles


l  Wholegrain oatmeal proves to be a great source of soluble fiber, preventing the absorption of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) also known as bad cholesterol


l  Soluble fibers found in long cooking oats reduce high blood pressure dramatically.


Note that our blood pressure is recorded as two numbers represented by systolic (peak pressure) over diastolic (base pressure). Either one of the two can be elevated. When systolic pressure is the only one elevated, the condition is then referred to as Isolated Systolic Hypertension. Whereas, if the diastolic pressure is elevated it is called Diastolic Hypertension.


When your blood pressure reading is above 140/90, then you are considered to have high blood pressure. Optimal blood pressure needs to be below 120/80 which is an indication that you are in good health.


We can compare our oatmeal diet to small sponges, where it soaks up all the bad cholesterol in our bodies, and then take it out of our body. This is thanks to the valuable fiber that can be found in wholegrain oats.