A Queens Chiropractor Swears There Are 6 Easy Ways To Get Thin Fast In Forest Hills N.Y.

Your Queens chiropractor swears the following advice can change your life.

If you are at all like our friends and neighbors in Forest Hills N.Y. then you have probably put on a few pounds over the holidays. In case you weren't aware, our chiropractic practice specializes in helping our Forest Hills neighbors stay slim and trim.

Here are just a few weight loss tips from your  chiropractor.

1. Eat a Good Breakfast

When you consume food early in the day it speeds up your metabolism and burns calories at a good pace. A light or skipped breakfast often leads to overeating later in the day when the calories won't have a chance in being burned off.

A large breakfast followed by a moderate lunch and a light dinner is the ideal way to eat.

2. Cut Back On Starchy Carbohydrates

Some carbohydrates are essential for energy but generally we eat much more than we need.

Dr Christine Antoldi, suggests eliminating white bread and anything made from white flour. Pasta, noodles and bagels are death to a thin lifestyle. Wholewheat bagels, pasta and noodles are a little better but even with these, small portions are necessary.

3. Make More Muscle

Muscles will burn calories faster than fat. Some experts believe a pound of muscle burns up to 30 calories a day. Some type of weight training that ads muscle can be quite useful this way, especially as we age. There are also many great exercises you can do just by using your own body weight to build muscle.

4. Stop Eating The Obviously Bad Things

Now, nearly everyone knows that candy, cake, cookies and sweets should be avoided like the plague if you want to be thin and fit. Easier said then done, right? However, if you don't start your new life by eliminating snack foods like chips, soda pop and candy then you can't really be serious about wanting to be thin.

For many people, when they eliminate the obvious just mentioned killers, they start losing fat immediately. Cut out the junk food and good thing will just start happening to your body. Your chiropractor will guarantee that!

5. Set Goals and Measure.

Have realistic deadlines and stick to them. Of course you want the goals to be realistic so that you're not disappointed. A tape measure and a scale are measuring devices that you need to use frequently to confirm you are on the right path.

Set up daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and longer goals like 6 months from the start. Christine Antoldi, will be happy to design a training program specifically for you.

6. Make Your New Life Fun

Life in Forest Hills should be fun,  so spend the time to discover the healthy foods and activities you enjoy. For this whole project to be successful you need to be eating food that is enjoyable for you.

A diet of carrots and celery sticks usually won't get you very far and over time will just depress. Eating healthy foods that you enjoy will protect you from periods of craving for the bad foods.

The same goes for all your new activities and exercise programs. Whatever exercise program you embark on, even if it's walking, make sure it's enjoyable for you.

Your neighborhood Queens chiropractor, Dr. Christine Antoldi, at the Forest Hills Chiropractic & Wellness Center are standing by to help you knock off that holiday weight as soon as possible. Call us for a free consultation at 718-268-4464.