Your Forest Hills Chiropractor Sorts out Neck Problems

 Many of you might be familiar with the saying "You are a pain in the neck", and many don't realize how a literal pain in the neck can be taken care of by a Forest Hills Chiropractor like Dr. Antoldi.

In fact, one top reason why doctors are consulted relates to people having a pain in their neck area. The thing is, you never know when and where the neck pain will get a hold of you. It can come with a suddenness and it can last for weeks if not months.

When the neck pain lasts for 3 months or more it is considered to be chronic. One of my  patients had this to say, "I visited several doctors to find a solution to my neck pain, but none of them were able to relieve the pain, until someone referred me to a chiropractor by the name of Dr. Antoldi.

Problems People Face in Neck Area

People with constant neck pain may want to look into it. There are various reasons why you may suffer from this problem according to Forest Hills chiropractor, Christine Antoldi. You may suffer from cervical spine arthritis which effects the neck area, or a cervical (neck) muscle strain or sprain. It has various causes, ranging from whip lash, a fall or as a result of spinal imbalance, Vertebral Subluxations, bad posture or emotional stress. Whatever the reason, damaged nerves in the neck area will cause you to have pain in your face, shoulder, neck, arm, hand and fingers as well as the wrist area.

Often times pain in the neck is accompanied by symptoms such as vision difficulty, headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, nasal problems and many more. It can be a real problem suffering from neck pain. The cervical vertebrae that hosts seven small neck bones needs to be protected as it originates from the brain and continues into your spine area, and if the spinal cord gets injured it may lead to paralysis or death.

Solutions to Neck Problems

Who would have thought our necks to be so important.  Dr. Antoldi comes across many people who simply do not take the necessary precautions in taking care of their necks. Any disabilities caused due to negligence on your part will have a severe financial impact on both your life and the lives of those close to you. There are various solutions at hand your chiropractor can help you with. They range from tracCollars, chiropractic neck pillows, neck braces, air neck traction, moist heating pads and more...

Going to your chiropractor for the relevant neck advice that will have you experiencing definite relief is the right thing to do. Often times you will find that a chiropractor who has experienced back or neck problems as well and they are in the best position to provide you with a solution that brings long lasting relief for your neck pain.