A Forest Hills N.Y. Chiropractor Relieves Your Back Pain

A Forest Hills N.Y. chiropractor like Dr. Christine Antoldi can treat a variety of problems, ranging from neck and back pain to arthritis, headaches and more.

The latest technology is being used by a highly  trained chiropractor, like Dr. Antoldi to handle work related or sports injuries.

At The Forest Hills Chiropractic and Wellness Center top of the line treatment is given to any patient that is in severe pain from either a pinched nerve or spinal misalignment. They focus on how your chiropractor can help alleviate or relieve your back pain.

 What is Involved in Treating Your Back Pain?

When it is your first visit, your chiropractor will first take your medical history then perform a physical examination and even make use of diagnostic imaging or lab tests to make sure what treatment would be appropriate for the pain in your back.

The treatment plan may very well involve some manual adjustments where the chiropractor will manipulate your joints by using controlled, sudden force to help improve the range of motion.

The aim here is to restore the normal use of your back and in addition prevent further injury as well as to ensure relief from your pain. Dr. Antoldi, like every good  chiropractor will include nutritional counseling and an exercise program in the treatment plan.

Will a Your Chiropractor Keep You Safe?

Chiropractic care and spinal manipulation has been considered as safe and effective for treating acute lower back pain, a common type of back injury often sustained from lifting heavy objects.

People who suffer from inflammatory arthritis, spinal compression, or osteoporosis and who are taking medication to thin their blood should not receive spinal manipulation. Even patients with a history of cancer should first get clearance from their doctor before receiving manipulation of the spine.

Your chiropractor should be fully aware of your medical history including current medications, surgical history, ongoing medical conditions, lifestyle factors and more to ensure your back receive the best possible treatment.

Chiropractic Treatments Many Uses

It has been proven that chiropractic treatment by a chiropractor has many uses such as treatment for muscular injuries and other spinal conditions. Millions have truly benefited from getting regular spinal adjustments.

Any chiropractor that is true to her mission of treating and relieving back pain will live by a certain code of conduct whereby they will always respect the patient's wishes and ensure they have her patient's best interest at heart. Your  chiropractor will take great care always to follow this code.