Chiropractic Adjustment

How Patients May Benefit From Chiropractic Adjustments

If you are experiencing consistent lower back pain, neck pain or even suffering from a nagging headache, you may very well be in need of an adjustment. It really is nothing to be scared of as it only involves a well-controlled spinal manipulation where your joints are moved beyond their normal range of motion, but not to the extent where they are moved beyond where they are designed to move.

Do not be alarmed when you hear a popping sound as your joint gets manipulated during the adjustment. Remember, the goal of the adjustment is to help relieve your pain and discomfort. Moreover, it will improve your physical function to the extent where you can live a normal active life once again.

Caring chiropractors such as Dr. Christine Antoldi believes in the following concepts:

  • Your body has the powerful ability of healing itself naturally
  • The bones, muscles and joints of your body are all closely intertwined and have the capacity to function healthily
  • Chiropractic treatment is there to help balance your body's structure and to promote the healing of your body's structure
  • The safety of your body's structure is the number one priority for any caring chiropractor

Know that chiropractors like Dr. Christine Antoldi in Forest Hills believe in following a holistic gentle approach to healing your back ache, neck pain or any other discomfort that requires an adjustment.

Do not let the common reaction of sore and aching muscles or joint pain, shortly after your spine got manipulated, put you off. This is the kind of thing that usually happens within the first 24 hours after the treatment…not unlike the soreness from any physical exercise.

Type of Adjustments Performed By Chiropractors

There are various types of adjustments chiropractors engage in to help them heal their patients.

Mind Spine Adjustment

One of more of your internal organs might fail you due to a lack of contact with your nervous system, preventing your dislocated joint from getting healed. The misalignment of your joints are gently corrected by your chiropractor who performs a well calculated spinal adjustment thereby removing the interference caused by your nervous system.

 Focused Adjustment

Chiropractors who are not focused and tend to think about their next round of golf, or what their partner is doing right now, might not be as focused as they should be when performing an adjustment.

They need to be more like Christine Antoldi who makes it her business to become one with the bone or joint that gets manipulated. By visualizing and focusing on the healing process, chiropractors will experience certain success, resulting in happy patients.

Benefits of a Routine Adjustment

Unfortunately most patients only visit their chiropractors once or twice when seeking relief from their severe aching back pain, neck pain or any other type of joint pain. But, there is a certain sense of well-being in knowing that you are able to experience comfort and relief from a weekly or monthly chiropractic tune-up. At the same time these fairly frequent tune-ups of your body will prevent minor problems from growing into major health problems.