Children and Teens’ Neck Pain Caused by Smart Phone Usage

In this modern day and age, the usage of a smartphone has become the norm. Wherever you go, you will be able to find almost everyone using a smartphone. On the other hand, if you come across someone who is not using a smartphone, then that person is considered to be not from this century.

Just a few years ago, only the adults were exposed to smartphone usage... that does not exist anymore. Now, you can even see small children as well as teenagers being hooked to their phones. Rather than engaging in some personal face-to-face conversation they would much rather be connected to the world with their phone. Because of this desire to be constantly connected smartphone usage is increasing dramatically and along with that comes a modern epidemic of neck related injuries.

In order to combat this problem, it is actually very important to first educate ourselves regarding it. Only in this way will we be able to reduce it to some degree.

What is Text Neck?
In order to learn more about how this problem can be tackled, it is first important to make ourselves familiar with the definition or concept. In very basic terms, text neck is the pain that results from staring down at your tablet, mobile phone, or any other sort of electronic gadget. In the initial stage, one doesn't see much pain. It takes a little time to develop. However, the more you use and become dependent on your electronic gadgets the more you will begin to experience injury symptoms.

Symptoms of Text Neck
Text neck most commonly causes soreness and neck pain. In addition to that, there are other symptoms which could signify if you have text neck or not. These are as follows:

  • Upper back pain. This can range from a nagging pain to severe pain being experienced in
    the upper back muscles
  • Shoulder tightness and pain. This could even result in severe muscle spasms
  • In some cases, a cervical nerve can become pinched. These kinds of more severe symptoms can even result in the pain extending down to your hands and arms. Treatment for text neck One of the first things that you would want to do is stop yourself from using your mobile phone or tablet as much as you can.
  • Some helpful tips are as follows:
  • Make sure that you keep your phone at eye level at all times of the day or night
  • Even if you need to look down, make sure you are not doing that for a prolonged amount
    of time
  • Throughout the day, make sure to take frequent breaks from your laptop or phone. The next thing that you can do is undergo physical rehabilitation. Certain types of chiropractic therapy have become quite popular and effective for treating text neck injuries . These gentle, non-invasive treatment methods are a safe and inexpensive first option one should probably consider when experiencing physical pain and trauma caused by overuse of your electronic