Children and Teens’ Neck Pain Caused by Smart Phone Usage

In this modern day and age, the usage of a smartphone has become the norm. Wherever you go, you will be able to find almost everyone using a smartphone. On the other hand, if you come across someone who is not using a smartphone, then that person is considered to be not from this century.…
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A Queens Chiropractor Gives the Best Reason to Eat Oatmeal

Queens chiropractor, Dr. Christine Antoldi has the ideal breakfast suggestion for her fellow Forest Hills residents. She says, believe it or not, oatmeal could very well be considered as the best way to start your day. This is partly due to the energy boosting properties it contains, and that it has plenty of fiber to…
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Your Forest Hills Chiropractor Sorts out Neck Problems

In fact, one top reason why doctors are consulted relates to people having a pain in their neck area. The thing is, you never know when and where the neck pain will get a hold of you. It can come with a suddenness and it can last for weeks if not months.
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